Quick Suction Rail

Quick Suction Rail shown in two different sizes, 16" and 19.5"
  • Quick-rail
  • Quick-rail-luggage

This easy to install rail provides sturdy support and confidence in and around the tub and shower. The grip area has a ribbed surface for extra help with grip.

Easily attaches to smooth surfaces such as tile, fiberglass and glass without drilling or permanently damaging surfaces. Simply position the rail where needed, push down on each end as you flip down the blue tabs to lock it in place. To remove and move to a new location, just lift the blue levers to break the suction and move. It can be installed at any angle.

Great for travel, when renting, or for visitors. The quick rail is designed as an assist for motion, as when stepping into a shower. It is not designed to hold or support your full body weight. For non-porous surfaces only.

Fits 4", 6", 8", 12", tiles.

Available in 2 lengths:

  • 23.5 (600mm) total length, 16" (400mm) of grab area

  • 19.5 (500mm) total length, 12" (300mm) of grab area




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