Knoll Extra Surfboard VDT Corner

Knoll Surfboard VDT


  • Fits any worksurface thickness or edge profile

  • Creates a generous 24''-wide VDT corner

  • Can be adjusted to any angle, or removed when not needed

  • Integral, non-handed mouse pad

  • Felt back and rubber bumpers protect worksurface

  • Requires no hardware

  • Available in two metallic and two soft-touch finishes


Metallic Finish

  • 41 ½"W x 16 ½"D x 1"H

Soft Touch Finish

  • 41 ½"W x 16 ½"D x 1"H


Rigid steel plate with 1”-thick rolled front detail. Black rubber bumpers and non-scuffing felt on back.

Ergonomic Value

The Surf Collection wrist rest, mouse pad, and lumbar support play a critical role in workplace ergonomics. Proper use of these pieces helps users  maintain the body neutral position, reducing harmful strain on muscles and joints.

The collection’s design advantage is in its simplicity. These accessories are extraordinarily versatile and flexible, responding to the individual needs of  the specific user, unlike over-engineered mechanical pieces.

Each piece in the Surf Collection is a ‘‘footprint form,’’ derived from natural ergonomic movements. No sharp edges or angles are used. As a result, the accessories can be approached by the user from any direction. The Surf soft, biomorphic shapes echo the curves and contours of the human body.




Colours and Finish

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