Goldtouch Keyboard

Goldtouch Keyboard

This Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard allows you to adjust the two alphanumeric sections both horizontally and vertically do suit your individual body requirements.

This helps you assume a more natural posture that is conducive to improving comfort and productivity while using your computer.

It has been ergonomically engineered to help reduce repetitive stress injuries (RSI) that can accompany computer use at home, at work or at school.


  • USB port with PS2 adaptor • Standard alphanumeric (QWERTY) • English Layout

  • Adjustment for wrist splay in the horizontal plane: 0° to 30°, continuously variable

  • Adjustment for wrist pronation - vertical tenting 0°-30°, continuously variable

  • Easily adjusted, locking ball and socket latch mechanism

  • Small, space saving footprint to bring your mouse inside your ergonomic "comfort zone"

  • Dimensions : 15¼" (38.7 cm) x 7¼" (18.4 cm) x 1½" (3.8 cm)

  • Editing key layout for left-right work distribution

  • Embedded, built in numeric keypad (activated by the Function Lock)

  • Large space bars for easy thumb use

  • Full size, full travel, tactile feedback keys with soft end-stop

  • Low noise key actuation

  • 12 months manufacturer's warranty


  • Colors: Black or White

  • Language: English or French Canadian

  • Computer Capatibility: PC or MAC